African safari: a dream come true

Its been a dream of mine to go on a safari for quite awhile. I always thought it was expensive and I wasn’t sure how to make it happen.

Recently, I had a friend move to Kenya and make a great safari connection which made the safari more affordable. Having a local connection rather than just an internet search can come in handy, at least it has most times I’ve traveled. My friend even agreed to go on the safari with us. I thought how crazy is that to go on another safari? How wrong I was to think that. After going, I’d go again in a heartbeat. Instead of the safari being a dream come true it was as if I were in the dream. It’s so surreal and amazing. It’s real life Lion King!

Lion king eats, lady waits

I’ve been thinking of how to write about this powerful experience and I just haven’t found words that could possibly express how magical it was to see all those animals in their natural environment. And all the babies!

It’s baby season and I couldn’t be more pleased to see all those little animals along with all the big ones. They say the best time to go on safari is migration season but I beg to differ. I think baby season is the time to go. All those cute, little animals. Plus the park is less crowded. You could almost go all day without seeing another van, except they keep in touch and report on anything cool so you’ll all end up at the cheetah sighting, eventually. All five cars that is. I can’t even imagine competing for the front row when it’s high season on the Mara.

Mara at sunset

We also checked out Lake Nakuru. I must say, staying at that lodge is amazing. You wake up to animals just steps from your patio. I’m sure that’s an option on the Mara as well but we stayed just outside the park there.

It was at Lake Nakuru that we finally saw the rare black rhino. We also saw some white ones but those aren’t quite as rare. We almost saw a leopard to complete the big five (elephant, lion, buffalo, black rhino and leopard) sighting as well but he/she was shy. We knew it was there by the herd of gazelles starting at the location but we couldn’t see it. Oh well, next time!

Black Rhino

I think words cannot truly express this amazing experience. The photos are better but you still can’t get the full feeling. I was literally in tears seeing all these animals. It’s phenomenal. A dream come true!

Baby Elephant

Another item checked off the bucket list. What’s on your list to complete this year? I’d love to hit up another continent or two — South America and/or Australia.

Next on the blog…adventures in Zanzibar, Lesotho road trip, Garden Route adventures, Cape Town and my travel mishaps.


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