Hasselblad Blog by Roux Roamer

Hasselblad X1D Camera Review + Field Notes

I've been a Canon shooter for many years but when given the chance…
Portrait Photography by Roux Roamer

Posing for portrait photography

I know we've talked about how to choose what to wear for portraits…
Australia Waterfalls

Australia Waterfalls You Must See to Believe

It's been awhile since I had an entry in my Women with Wanderlust…
Vero App

Vero pros and cons

Not another social media platform. Oh no! Not Vero! I don't…

Three amateur photography mistakes

Common photography mistakes There are multiple things about…

2017: Lady in Red

I think this year it was even harder than years past to remember…
top 9 instagram 2017 post

Top 9 Instagram 2017

I keep honing and practicing my photography skills. I think it…
Socially Responsible

Socially responsible photography

It's easier than ever to find new places to travel to near and…

Capturing Landscapes

I wrote to a few of my favorite Instagrammers that have photos…
Train Travel by Roux Roamer

Why train travel is good

Years ago I was on a long train ride from Oregon to southern…