Travel Bags

My favorite travel bags

I've had a few bags over the years but some are just more awesome…
Instagram Photos Props

Common questions on my Instagram photos

I get a lot of comments on my Instagram photos but here's some…
Grow Up Advice

What I wanted to be when I grow up

What do you want to be when you "grow up"? Are you there yet? This…
Instagram Advice Post

Instagram advice from my friends

Everyone has been asking for Instagram advice so I thought I'd…
Red Coat Souvenir

Souvenir shopping

As a follow up to the red coat diaries, let's talk about it as…

Red coat diaries

Long long ago there was a little girl with fiery blonde hair.…
Photography Travel Gear by Roux Roamer

My photography travel gear

What photography travel gear do I use? I'll tell you! Camera…
Portland Hikes

Portland hikes with views

My favorite Portland hikes (in the city!) Oregon is a nature…

The long road to finding Tumalo Falls

Tumalo Falls, one of Oregon's many waterfalls Tumalo falls…

The many faces of Mt Hood

There's a mountain that always calls me home. It's there when…