Your work is great, but you have nothing to show for it.

Literally. No logo, no website, no business cards. Or the ones that you do have . . . well, let’s just say, you don’t really want to show them.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Promise!

Because I know how to translate your business problems into brilliant designs that garner a solution. Said simply? I can get you more clients.

“Melissa brings together the rare combination of artistic creativity and results-driven productivity.” — Guy

I specialize in branding, brand photography and design, working with coaches, consultants and creatives to enhance their brand presence and help spread their message. Think about it: when you look more professional and polished, it leads to more income for you! People will buy and people will pay more for your high end brand.

By upgrading your business’ appearance (both online and off), you will:

  • Increase your client roster
  • Share and talk more about your business
  • Feel more confident in your professional image
  • Spend more time focused on your own superpower, and less time fussing with design

Working with and learning from marketing departments and design experts and academics — from small startups to large institutions — taught me that pretty design is better than ugly design, but brilliant design solves problems.

“Thank you for kicking ass and continuing to make my marketing more and more bad-ass. I kinda feel like I have the best real estate marketing in all of Portland.” — Lauren

Here’s how it works:

I always start with questions. I’m a fun, honest, no-nonsense answer-seeker. My first words were in the form of a question. I love asking them, and I use them to get to the root of your business problems!

From these questions, I’ll figure out the design solutions that get you the answers you are looking for—whether that be a new logo, a postcard, a newsletter design, or business card. I’m happy to do one—or all!

I specialize in:

  • Branding — Sometimes called Visual Identity. This work can include photography, logo, typography, business card, letterhead, style guidelines and marketing strategy including social media — packaged or á la carte. View branding portfolio.
  • eBook design — Focusing on making your manuscript or guide book look as good as it sounds. I love helping people complete their books to sell or give away online.
  • Photography — Specializing in adventure and people. Taking photos everywhere I go. I sell landscape prints and framed pieces in local galleries and on this website. Hired for portraits, directing photo shoots and taking photos for print and web ads. View landscape and portrait portfolios.
  • Adventure — Always trying to have new experiences and traveling the world on a dime. I can help you do the same. I used to have an exclusive travel blog but now I’ve incorporated that into the site here; photography, design, marketing and travel all in one. I also wrote a book with all my tips and tricks. You can find it on the Amazon Kindle Store and read it on any device with a Kindle reader app.

“I don’t know how you do it!? It’s like you’re in my head! Every time I tell you what I need to have done, you meet and exceed my hopes and expectations! It’s extremely comforting to know that you actually listen to what’s important to me and you ALWAYS remember the details. I never worry about the end result, because I know you’ve got it covered! Thank you for all you do.” — Lisa

All of my packages are customized for your needs, so your investment is customized, too, with prices ranging from $250 to a few thousand dollars.

But I don’t want to take your money for no good reason. I want this to be a hell yes for both of us! All projects include my intake process where I get to know you, your business, and your reasons for seeking a designer. I want to work with those I believe in, and know that together we can make a difference. As I see it, good design can change the world and if you’re business is already changing the world—look out!

Can we collaborate to create something brilliant for your business?

If you’re ready to get to work, send me a note via the contact form below! We’ll schedule a call and make sure we’re a good fit.

I’m here to help you elevate your business’ look with brilliant design that leads to more confidence AND more income.

“Her talents in design really helped pull the strategy together and her recommendations were invaluable. Melissa is a true professional and pleasure to work with.” — Katrina

Use the form below to send me an email, so we can schedule a call!

It’s really important to me that we have a chance to get to know each other, ask questions, and get some answers before we decide to work together. Sometimes, in these initial conversations, we decide that it’s better to wait for some more clarity, hire a different type of creative, or that the fix is easy enough for you to do on your own!

Whether we work together or not, let’s connect and get you on the right path to more business success!

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